Manages the process of crawling and indexing full-text indexed domains.

Namespace: Simol.Indexing
Assembly: Simol (in Simol.dll) Version:


public class IndexBuilder
Visual Basic
Public Class IndexBuilder
Visual C++
public ref class IndexBuilder


Each instance of this class dedicates a single thread (via the ThreadPool to crawling each domain registered for indexing. You may tune performance by changing IndexBatchSize or UpdateInterval. Creating and starting multiple instances of this class may result in a slight performance increase, but is not recommended.

To use this class:

  1. Register each mapping (domain) for indexing by invoking Register(ItemMapping).
  2. Start the crawl process by invoking Start()()()().
  3. Stop the crawl process when your server/application is shutting down by invoking Stop()()()(). Crawl operations in progress may continue for 1-2 seconds after Stop returns.

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