SpanAttribute Class
Supports storage of large property values by spanning multiple SimpleDB attributes. Also supports compression and encryption of data.

Namespace: Simol
Assembly: Simol (in Simol.dll) Version:


public class SpanAttribute : SimolAttribute
Visual Basic
Public Class SpanAttribute _
	Inherits SimolAttribute
Visual C++
public ref class SpanAttribute : public SimolAttribute


Use this attribute on string properties to store values larger than the SimpleDB limit of 1024 bytes per attribute.

Spanned properties may be up to 261,376 bytes in length, depending on whether the item contains any other properties. This limit is derived from the SimpleDB limits of 1024 bytes per attribute x 256 attributes per item with 768 bytes used in overhead. This limit can be increased further by enabling compression, which may allow storage of properties as large as .5 MB.

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