Class Description
Public class AttributeMapping
Defines an ad-hoc mapping between a single property and SimpleDB attribute.
Public class AttributeNameAttribute
Supports customization of the SimpleDB attribute name used to store an item property.
Public class CommandParameter
Holds information about a single SelectCommand parameter.
Public class ConstraintAttribute
Supports custom data constraint/validation as items are loaded, saved, and deleted by Simol.
Public class CustomFormatAttribute
Supports custom formatting of item properties stored in SimpleDB.
Public class DomainNameAttribute
Supports customization of the SimpleDB domain name used to store item objects.
Public class IndexAttribute
Supports full-text indexing of property values stored in SimpleDB.
Public class ItemMapping
Defines an ad-hoc item mapping between a list of properties and SimpleDB attributes.
Public class ItemNameAttribute
Supports selection of the item property used as the SimpleDB item name.
Public class NumberFormatAttribute
Supports custom formatting of numeric properties.
Public class PropertyValues
Holds an ad-hoc collection of values that may represent the complete set or a subset of the attributes stored in SimpleDB for a single item.
Public class SelectCommand
Encapsulates advanced options for making select requests.
Public class SelectCommand<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Encapsulates advanced options for making select requests that are strongly typed with a generic parameter.
Public class SelectResults<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Holds the results of a call to Select<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(SelectCommand<(Of <<'(T>)>>)) and other select methods.
Public class SelectUtils
Contains methods for performing common, high-level select operations that don't belong on the main Simol API.
Public class SimolAttribute
Base class for all Simol mapping configuration attributes.
Public class SimolClient
Encapsulates the Simol interface to SimpleDB.
Public class SimolConfig
Holds advanced Simol configuration options.
Public class SimolConfigurationException
Exception thrown when SimolClient is used with invalid combinations of configuration settings, item types, or custom attributes.
Public class SimolDataException
Exception thrown when SimolClient fails to convert SimpleDB items into requested .NET types or vice versa.
Public class SimolException
Base Simol exception class.
Public class SimolExcludeAttribute
Supports explicit exclusion of item properties from the SimpleDB mapping.
Public class SimolFormatAttribute
Base class for all Simol attributes related to property formatting.
Public class SimolIncludeAttribute
Supports explicit inclusion of item properties in the SimpleDB mapping.
Public class SpanAttribute
Supports storage of large property values by spanning multiple SimpleDB attributes. Also supports compression and encryption of data.
Public class VersionAttribute
Supports designation of a property for item versioning.


  Interface Description
Public interface IDomainConstraint
Defines methods for plugging custom data constraint/validation logic into the Simol load/save cycle.
Public interface ISimol
Defines the Simol methods for interacting with SimpleDB.
Public interface ITypeFormatter
Defines methods for converting between typed values and strings.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ConsistencyBehavior
Options for choosing the consistency of Simol data reads from SimpleDB.
Public enumeration NullBehavior
Options for choosing how to store null property values in SimpleDB.
Public enumeration Offset
Options for choosing when to automatically use negative number offsets for numeric type conversions.
Public enumeration SpanType
Determines whether a scalar property value should be allowed to span multiple attributes in SimpleDB.
Public enumeration VersioningBehavior
Defines options for how a version property behaves when updating items in SimpleDB.