Encapsulates the Simol interface to SimpleDB.

Namespace: Simol
Assembly: Simol (in Simol.dll) Version:


public class SimolClient : ISimol
Visual Basic
Public Class SimolClient _
	Implements ISimol
Visual C++
public ref class SimolClient : ISimol


This class provides a variety of methods for mapping object properties to SimpleDB attributes. Strongly typed methods (those with generic parameters) are provided for working with entire objects or partial property sets (ISimol). Methods are also provided for dynamic, typeless operations on arbitrary property sets (ISimol).

For most operations the generic Type parameter (the item type) is examined to determine mapping and formatting rules when converting between object properties and SimpleDB attributes. For operations without generic type parameters, an ItemMapping must be provided to accomplish the same purpose.

For information on mapping behavior and usage examples, see the task-oriented documentation at: http://simol.codeplex.com/documentation

All public members of this class are thread-safe provided that the installed IItemCache implementation is thread-safe.

Any Simol method can be invoked asynchronously using the async extension methods. To use these extension methods add the Simol.Async namespace to your calling class like this:

using Simol.Async;
// [snip]   
var employeeId = new Guid("6c0a37b4-9c59-49ce-95af-d01a66f9605d");
IAsyncResult result = simol.BeginGet<Employee>(employeeId, null, null);
// do something else useful
var e = simol.EndGet<Employee>(result);

Instances of this class are somewhat expensive to create when caching and automatic domain creation are enabled. It is generally good practice to reuse a single instance across an entire application unless additional instances are needed with different configuration options.

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